Take charge and responsibility for your health if you don’t who will?

When you require medical assistance or have a health issue you need to first know the GREAT PHYSICIAN THE CREATOR OF ALL FLESH, then you need to know someone to be your living breathing advocate in the flesh. WHY DO I SAY THAT? It only makes common sense and wisdom.

HOW DO I KNOW? First of all I have worked in the medical field for over 40 years I have seen SOME THINGS! SECOND OF ALL IN the last 2 years I have had SOME ISSUES! ISSUES with my own health. Unfortunately, I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes several years ago. It’s been a curse in my family for the last four generations. I ALWAYS HAVE SAID THE BUCK STOPS HERE I AM NOT HAVING IT! Unfortunately, I said it and I didnt DO what I was instructed to do, FIRST BY GOD MY MAKER, then by my common knowledge of diabetes care and prevention. After all, I have taught others the care and prevention for years and then did not heed the INSTRUCTIONS!

Consequently, I have paid a very high price. I have always had a problem with my self-esteem and self-worth, I found I didnt love myself enough to take care of ME. I was always TOO BUSY LOVING AND CARING FOR EVERYONE ELSE. Why Blog about this you might wonder? It’s a matter of life and death, living or just existing! I have learned the hard way that if you dont maintain your blessing of good health you will find yourself with regret and many times irreversible consequences. Oh yes, we learn to deal with and live this life with various disabilities and illnesses and sometimes its unavoidable. Some deal with medical disability from birth, I applaud those who live and are very successful in life with those disabilities. I am speaking of those of us who are blessed with good health and fail to take the time to appreciate it and do what is required to maintain our health.

In this blog, I would love to share my experiences from the past years of working and assisting hundreds of patients, families and friends with their healthcare crisis and needs. No one knows your body like you know your body. If you are feeling different, not good, You go to the doctor and then hear “oh it’s nothing”, but you can tell differently dont stop. Keep pursuing until you get an answer.

Here in this blog, I will be giving you some life lessons I have learned over the years through my own personal experiences as well as in my medical career. Thank you for reading with me through my journey.

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